Fuelled by hunger and convenience of the planet, the greedy aliens have landed at the Zoo System to feast on delicious eggs. Clearly thinking with their stomachs was a mistake, because this is a Super Exploding Zoo!

Everything in this zoo explodes, from the 30-odd different animals with their special skills, to the concessions stands, to the tiny tufts of exploding grass.

So round up a herd of animals and blow the aliens (and yourself) to smithereens in this 80 level explode-em up!

Try out the eternally exploding zoo with it's endless random enclosures, or go head to head against a friend in the Versus multiplayer pens! Two go in, what's left of one comes out! (picking bits of the other team out their teeth, usually)

Super Exploding Zoo will be exploding onto PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 soon!


More info and screenshots can be found here